Some Kind Of Dog

Chapter 7, Blog 1

By Chuck Wells As Told To Ray Hochgesang


In the door I flew.

I reached behind and slammed it, all in one motion.

Still shaking, I squinted at my Ironman.

That took all of – REALLY – less than two minutes?

Holy Seabiscuit! That’s not possible!

With sleep still clogging her eyes, Melinda ambled into the living room.

“What was all that noise?” she mumbled, rubbing her eyes with one hand and scratching her tummy with the other.


“That, that noise. Did you slam the door?”


“Stop saying ‘what’.” Hands on hips, Melinda was quickly becoming awake and grouchy. “What are you doing back here so fast?”

I gulped air. My lungs ached. They may have ached for oxygen before. I was too hyped to notice. I had to stop and catch my breath. It happened too fast. With the adrenaline ebbing, it felt as if I had the wind knocked out.

“Dog,” was all I could say.

“Dog? What dog?”

“Big dog.”


She never called me Chuck, always Charles.



“Snap out of it.”

My face stung. It stung so much I could still feel the imprint of her hand seared on my left cheek. It burned hard, and the dam broke. Again, the adrenaline surged.

“Big home home.”

For a few seconds, Melinda peered out the front window. She shook her head.

“I don’t see any dog.”

“I’m telling you. There was a dog.”

“What kind of dog?”

“Huge. This big.”

I held my hand a foot over her head.

“It wanted – Gawd – I think it wanted to eat me.”

Melinda stared at me, counted to three and cracked up. I know, she couldn’t help it. But she really thought it was funny.

“Ohhh, how I liked to see that,” she said, laughing away. “That must have been some kind of dog.”

Melinda turned, chuckled some more and waddled back to bed.

Me? Sleep ? No way!

Instead, I paced circles in the living room. I had to process this, this thing. Around and around, I paced. What happened? What was that?

First, I circled and …

And, and … I paced some more.

I think.

But could it be true? Was it possible?

Maybe. No. Yes. No …

YES. I think it’s true.

I beamed like the sun breaking through leaden clouds.

I think I just …

Ran the fastest quarter mile of my life.

Copyright © 2012 by Chuck H. Wells/Ray Hochgesang

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