Tell Me Why

Chapter 25, Blog 4

By Chuck Wells As Told To Ray Hochgesang


“HARRY!” I hollered in my most threatening tone. “I can’t do this. I just can’t. Can’t. Can’t. CAN’T.”

Clutching his walker, Harry rolled up in front of me.

“Like hell you can’t.”

“All this visualization crap. It’s giving me one killer headache. My brain feels deep fried.”

Harry stared me down like I was some bug unworthy of being squashed.

“My little, petulant child,” said the coach. “Why are you so obstinate?”

“Because this is a complete waste of time?”

“You ARE correct,” he said, turned and wheeled away.

…is he leaving …

Horrified, I sprang up and followed.

“Hey! Where ya goin’?”

Harry stopped and pivoted.

“You quit.”

“No, I didn’t.”

“Yes, I believe you did.”

“No, I didn’t.”

“Yes, you did.”

“Enough. Just tell me. Explain why it’s so damned important to do all of this visualizing. I-I … ”

Harry threw his walker to one side and wobbled over until we stood toe to toe. Was this it? A showdown?

… look out, the old goat has a mean left hook …

“I do not need this, this insolence,” he said. “In your parlance, don’t you get it?”

“Explain,” I pleaded. “Please.”

“You boomers are babies all right. Explain what?”

“Explain why I need all of this visualization. It’s not making me run any faster.”

Harry smoldered.

“If I were not so old, I swear, I would beat those meddlesome questions out of you, you, you … jackass!”


It was the first time any coach called me a “jackass.” Amused, I suppressed a giggle while Harry regained his composure. He sighed.

“I must have prayed the Lord for 20 years,” Harry confessed. “All I wanted was someone, anyone with a smidgen of talent, so I could make a difference one more time.”

Harry locked eyes with me.

“And then He sent me you!”

I felt three inches tall, but it didn’t matter. Soon, I sat in the bleachers while Harry gave his Visualization 101 lecture.

“Simplistically, every human has multiple layers of ability and potential,” said Harry. “Even you.”


“It takes all the effort you can muster to access the deeper levels, most notably the fours and fives. The first three are relatively easy. It takes someone special to go deeper.”

“Special? I’m special?”

Harry ignored me.

“Any jamoke can take steroids, but not everyone can develop more brain cells. You project the action in your mind’s eye, imprint it on the brain, do it enough, and the body has a road map.”

“Sounds way too simple, Harry.”

“Believe me, Charlie, you are getting the kindergarten version.”

I made a face, but Harry continued.

“Apply it to anything you like, from high jumping to toilet training,” he said. “The mental side is 15 times more powerful than the physical. Trust me. It can work miracles.”

Miracles? That’s greedy. At the moment, I need just one.

Copyright © 2012 by Chuck H. Wells/Ray Hochgesang

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