So Easily Said

Chapter 36, Blog 1

By Chuck Wells As Told To Ray Hochgesang


Harry woke me at least twice with night-terror bellows. I swear I never knew. When my natural alarm clock failed hours later, screams from our next-door neighbor rousted me at 8 local time. It was a relief it wasn’t Harry again, who still snored in machine-gun bursts. But as soon as my fog dissipated, and I realized where I was, my heart beat madly.


I needed a beer. Instead, I sucked in all the Chi my being could hold via three of my favorite postures until my nerves calmed. My heartbeat slowed. My breathing improved. The sneaky, morning sun slipped through the cheesecloth-thin curtains, sparkling on my wedding band.

… SHIT! You need to call home …

And that’s probably where I left my cellphone.

… don’t panic, you just had it …

I happened to glance near the bottom of the door and saw the sun peeping in there, too. Recalling what I had done in my drunken stupor caused my heart to skip another beat.

… oh, Methuselah, there’s still time to escape …

I tried rationalization.

… you have nothing to lose, nothing to lose, nothing … but your mortgage, your job, your self-esteem …

“Why don’t you just shut up?”

… my advice – forget the drama and get the hell out of here …


That disturbed Harry, who stirred.

If my hung-over brain didn’t care to function properly, my dimwitted legs sure didn’t stand a chance. Luckily, my coach started to snore again. I chugged some motel-made coffee, knowing caffeine and anxiety didn’t mix, but I needed a jump start.

.. brain cells, engage, please …

I called Melinda and begged her to come to Eugene. Twenty minutes later, she gave in. If I made it through to the semifinals, she and the kids would be on the next plane.

… now all you have to do …

Copyright © 2012 by Chuck H. Wells/Ray Hochgesang

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